First of all welcome to thesportstechs.com!

I’m Alex. While my full time job is as a finance professional, one of my biggest passions is fitness and healthy habits.

It wasn’t always the case…

Years ago I was underweight, had no stamina and I just didn’t look or feel good. It was a pretty rubbish time for me.

I began to notice that my friends and colleagues who were in better shape than me all seemed to be happier, more organised and even more disciplined!

I began to read and ask people how they got into shape and stuck with it. How they didn’t give up going for runs after a month. How they consistently went to the gym three times a week.

It’s not easy. Like you, I have a busy life. Work can be busy, I have a wonderful girlfriend and friends that I have to spend time with.


It is very achievable. I’ve managed to make going to the gym a habit. I found healthy hobbies like golf and basketball that I can play with my friends.

And I am so much happier and healthier.

And so can you! Here I can help you adopt the right habits and lifestyle changes to improve your health. I’ll also review and recommend the best products to help you make these habits stick.